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Pre-Owned Reconditioning Process

Pre-Owned Reconditioning Process at Universal Nissan

Pre-Owned Reconditioning Process at Universal Nissan

Universal Nissan takes pride in ensuring that every pre-owned vehicle that graces its lot undergoes a meticulous reconditioning process. From the initial inspection to the final touches, the Universal Nissan team follows a rigorous seven-step process to transform used cars into showroom-ready masterpieces.

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Step 1: The Initial Inspection

The journey begins with a comprehensive initial inspection, a critical phase where the fate of the vehicle is decided. The skilled technicians at Universal Nissan meticulously evaluate each car, determining whether it meets the standards for retention or if it's time to bid it farewell. Simultaneously, decisions about the type of certification the vehicle will receive are made. This step also includes a thorough assessment of the car's exterior, leading to bodywork, rim repairs, and interior restoration.

Step 2: The Mechanical Inspection

Once the aesthetics are addressed, the focus shifts to the vehicle's core – its mechanical components. Every nook and cranny is examined, ensuring that all mechanical and safety parts are in optimal condition. This stage is crucial in guaranteeing that the car not only looks good but also performs flawlessly on the road.

Step 3: Body Shop

In the event of minor collisions or dents, Universal Nissan's state-of-the-art body shop comes into play. Specialized technicians adeptly handle bumper repairs, small collision fixes, and dent removal with precision. The goal is to restore the vehicle's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, erasing any traces of wear and tear.

Step 4: Detail Department

A pivotal phase in the reconditioning process, the Detail Department works its magic to bring out the vehicle's inner brilliance. From thorough cleaning to polishing, this step ensures that every inch of the car sparkles. Interior detailing adds the finishing touches, creating an environment that rivals the freshness of a brand-new vehicle.

Step 5: Taking Photos

Visual storytelling plays a crucial role in showcasing the revitalized beauty of each vehicle. The professional photographers at Universal Nissan capture high-quality images that highlight the car's features and craftsmanship. These photos become instrumental in the next step of the process – marketing the pre-owned vehicles to potential buyers.

Step 6: Put On The Car Lot

With the reconditioning journey complete, the fully restored car is ready to make its debut on the lot. Universal Nissan's team ensures that the vehicle is appropriately stickered with the right warranty information, providing potential buyers with confidence in their purchase. This step marks the transition from a reconditioning workshop to a bustling showroom.

Step 7: Last Steps

Before a car is handed over to its new owner, Universal Nissan conducts a final and meticulous inspection. This last step is designed to catch any oversights and ensure that every aspect of the pre-owned reconditioning process has been executed flawlessly. It's a commitment to delivering not just cars, but a promise of quality and reliability.

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