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Diagnostic Menu

Air Conditioning System Diagnosis - FREE

Includes performing pressure check, perform leak check, (does not include charge for refrigerant or system dye) (Add. $69.95)

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Automatic Transmission / Transaxle Diagnosis (Non-Electronic ) - $59.95

Includes performing control pressure test if necc., stall test, and road test to check shift points and fluid level and fluid condition

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Automatic Transmission / Transaxle Diagnosis (Electronic) - $59.95

Perform control test, stall test, computer controlled function test, shift point and fluid level condition evaluation (record codes as applicable)

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Anti-lock Brake System Diagnosis - $29.95

Performed only when anti-lock (ABS) light I on. Includes electronic test and road test. Inspect 0.5 brake linings, pads, brake hoses, pipes etc.

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Brake System Inspection - FREE

Inspect and check brake fluid, brake fluid leaks, condition of brake lines & hoses, Inspection of brake pads, linings and road test. Record pad thickness.

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Cooling / Heating system - $29.95

Pressure test system to specification. Visually inspect for leaks. Check fan (s) operation. Check upper, lower and heater hoses. Bypass hoses where applicable. Road test vehicle.

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Computer Engine Control Diagnosis - $49.95

Perform electronic test using appropriate manufacture Consult 3 equipment and analyze data. This should be performed when the malfunction indicator lamp illuminated. Retrieve trouble code, perform preliminary pinpoint test to isolate concern. Prepare a preliminary estimate for repairs. (Some electronic concerns may require further diagnosis at an additional expense.)

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Cruise Control Diagnosis - $49.95

Check cruise control switches, linkage for kinks or binding condition, operation of other components. Includes road test.

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Electrical System Diagnosis - $59.95

Check fuses and circuit breakers as necessary. Check affected connections, pinpoint test circuits and trace wiring harness. Perform electrical continuity tests. Time to diagnose will vary. The fee for this specialized diagnosis is based on time and material to perform. Theadvisor will quote this fee as the tests necessitates.

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Noise Suspension - $49.95

Test Drive Vehicle utilizing suspension diagnostic tools to uncover noises. Will ride with Guest if necessary.

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Oil Leak Analyze - $19.95

Clean affected area, add oil dye to system (engine / transmission ) as necessary. Road test vehicle. Place vehicle on lift/hoist and inspect.

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Starting / Charging System Diagnosis - $19.95

Check alternator output, full field test, test for electrical draws, check belt and tensioner, load 0.5 test battery.

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Vibration Diagnosis - $29.95

Road test vehicle at legal speed limits, isoate area of concern (tires, driveline, drivability).

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