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Nissan BladeGlider

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Nissan Motor Co. is a revolutionary automaker that always keeps to the cutting edge of automotive design and technology, especially in the realm of zero-emission electric vehicles. Nissan already sells the world's highest-volume zero-emission car, the LEAF, and is pioneering Intelligent Mobility systems that will be deployed in a range of vehicles over coming years.

But the company’s latest innovation represents more than just a continued commitment to developing zero-emission vehicles and technologies that preserve and enhance the classic thrill of driving a well-designed car. This space-age vehicle is cutting its own path towards a dazzling new vision of the future of zero-emission transportation.

The working Nissan BladeGlider prototype is a harmonious union of futuristic sports car styling, next-generation zero-emission technology, and astounding high-performance driving dynamics that evolved from concept cars first shown to the public at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. Power is 100 percent electric, with exceptional powertrain performance delivered by Nissan's technical partner for the Nissan BladeGlider project, UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering.

Nissan president and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, said the BladeGlider’s stunning styling and unrivaled zero-emission performance symbolizes future technologies that will combine Intelligent Mobility, environmentally friendly impact and sports-car driving capabilities.

"These prototypes epitomize Nissan's drive to expand its Intelligent Mobility strategy, where driving pleasure combines with environmental responsibility,” Ghosn said. “Nissan believes that enthusiasts should look forward to a zero emission future and Nissan BladeGlider is a perfect demonstration of that. It's the electric vehicle for car lovers."

The BladeGlider’s name speaks to Nissan’s overall vision for the one-of-a-kind vehicle — an efficient and agile EV that unlocks new levels of driving excitement while silently gliding on the power of its aggressively aerodynamic exterior styling and ferocious, five module lithium-ion 220kW battery.

You can own your own piece of the EV revolution by purchasing a swift, stylish Nissan LEAF. An improved, more powerful 30kWh battery powers an super responsive 80kW AC synchronous motor, cranking out 107 horsepower and 187 lb-ft of torque.

And unlike combustion engines, 100% of that torque is available the instant you press the pedal. The smooth, consistent acceleration of the new Nissan LEAF mimics the classic feel of the a finely-tuned V6 engine, making the LEAF as fun to drive as it is economical.

And while it’s design doesn’t rise to the borderline spaceship intensity of the BladeGlider, the new LEAF’s unique exterior styling is absolutely breathtaking. The LEAF’s body is a unique fusion of upscale sophistication and fluid elegance, with intensely aerodynamic lines that reduce drag and raise the profile of this unusually sporty EV.

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